Is The Transgender Movement The Cure For The Left?


By Andrew Keith


The transgender movement has taken America by storm (more like hurricane) in the last few years, particularly since renown ex-Olympic-athlete-turned-transgender-woman Caitlin Jenner won the prestigious Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the 2015 ESPYs. Since then it, has received widespread publicity with countless numbers of articles published by all the major media outlets including CNN, The New York Times, and The Huffington Post. The movement is said to be a civil rights movement whose sole purpose, according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, is “to promote transgender rights and to eliminate discrimination and violence against transgender people regarding housing, employment, public accommodations, education, and health care.” This movement is being used as the spearhead for the Left’s liberal agenda as the “progressive” party. But the Left forgets to ask themselves one question: is the transgender movement really helping our agenda?


Ted Van Dyck, lifelong Democrat and assistant to Vice President Hubert Humphrey during the Johnson administration, wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal where he stated the following about the current Democratic Party leaders:


“Their focus on political correctness and conformity has left an impression on traditional Democrats that their party leaders care more about transgender bathroom access than employment, the cost of living, education or public safety.”


The new Democratic Party has decided that they will not try and relate to the blue-collar, white worker any longer. They instead have devised a strategy to win over all the minority groups (LGBTQ, black, etc.) instead of relating to the larger audience (the white working class) because that’s too mainstream, right? This new strategy abandons many traditional Democrats who now have nowhere to turn other than right into Trump’s open arms where he is at least attempting to help right the wrongs in our political system. Trump and the conservative right are not just choosing to ignore the wrongs altogether as is the case with many on the left who choose to believe in a fantasy world where everyone is entitled to free college, a single-payer healthcare system, and a world where everyone is loved and treated equally under the greatest law of the land, the Communist Manifesto. Ahhhh to live in Wonderland.


This abandonment of the traditional Democrats is leaving a lot to be gained concerning the future of the Democratic Party. And the embrace of minority groups who are in an intersectional battle arguing over who’s the biggest victim of them all will not garner enough votes for the Democrats to maintain a strong presence in the House, the Senate, or the White House. It’s only a matter of time before Democratic leaders begin to leave these minority groups behind and shift their focus to rekindling their relationship with the traditional Democrats. We can see this already with Democrat’s most recent push for a “Better Deal” legislation which includes raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, $1 trillion infrastructure plan, and even leaving the possibility of a single-payer health care system up to debate. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled this plan and then proceeded to blame the loss last year on “not telling people what we stood for.” Either way, more Democrats than ever are being put-off by the new Democratic Party leadership, its strategy, and its goals.


The transgender movement is a major component of this new strategy. Making the Democratic Party look as welcoming and friendly to the oppressed groups in society sounds like a solid plan, but the fact is this strategy isn’t working. This strategy is why so many people decided to go out on November 8th and vote Republican even if that meant electing an outlandish candidate no one 10 years ago would have ever thought to be a contender for the presidency. The Left is destroying itself every single day by focusing on issues and minority groups most voters really could truthfully care less about when it comes down to how this will benefit their lives personally. President Obama’s campaign was directed towards “change” and “hope” and the current Democratic Party leaders should heed his advice and utilize both if they want to be a major contender to the Republicans in 2018.




  1. Identity politics has plagued the Democratic Party. Additionally, it is certainly true that following Bill Clinton’s election, who labeled himself as a new type of moderate democrat, the neoliberalism movement became mainstream in the Dem Party. It shied away from the working-class platform of the previous Democratic Party. As corporate influence got a stranglehold on the party, it began moving to the corporate-right with policies like the repeal of Glass Steagall and NAFTA. This is why not many mainstream democractic politicians support high minimum wages or single-payer healthcare, so I am confused as to why Schumer was mentioned in context with leftist policies – he is a corporate shill, like most politicians, and I can guarantee that he will not support universal healthcare or a high minimum wage when push comes to shove. I believe the problem with the party is that they mostly refuse to take on leftist policies, despite widespread national support (50-60% of the country supports Medicare-for-all/single-payer; 60-70% support a higher minimum wage, etc.).


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