What’s the Problem with Antifa?

By Andrew Keith


With the dawn of the Age of Trump, the leftist-anarchy group known as “Antifa” has been incredibly outspoken against President Trump and his administration. Why? Because Trump (and therefore anyone who is associated with him) is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, and bigoted piece of fascist human feces. Because Trump is so evil, Antifa feels completely justified in their militaristic violence against the more-often-than-not peaceful protestors. Again and again at hot-spots like UC Berkeley, Antifa parades through the streets wielding bats and even shields as evidenced in the Antifa violence at Berkeley on August 28th. To them, violence is used for the dire and important purpose of beating fascists until they decide not to be fascists anymore…or something. The group’s stated purpose of combatting fascism where it exists (and it does exist, see Charlottesville) is not the problem. The problem arises in the resolution of this objective. The vast majority of Americans would full-heartedly denounce fascism and racism where it exists because these qualities do not adhere to the basic principles our nation is grounded in. So why is every American who hates racism and fascistic rule not roaming the streets looking to pound some possible fascists? Because most Americans respect the law and its intended purpose to uphold American values and principles. The problem Antifa faces is in its militant violence, not necessarily its ideology. The ideology itself is sound and justified because not very many people desire to experience another world war or another Holocaust in our lives; however, Antifa’s use of relentless violence defies its entire ideology. Aren’t antifascists supposed to oppose the oppression of free speech and the use of violence to attain a political goal? Yes, but they don’t. Instead they utilize oppression and violence in order to promote opposition to oppression and violence. How are Americans supposed to take your cause seriously when you so closely resemble the very entity you are denying? The violent discourses that arise whenever Antifa “protestors” show up to events in hopes of silencing conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro are completely unacceptable in America. Our nation simply does not exist without the free expression and free exchange of ideas, particularly those ideas of which you personally disagree with. A monopoly on ideas is overtly hostile to the longevity of this nation, and as long as Antifa violates these basic American principles, real anti-fascists will speak out against their attempted fusion of anarchist ideology into mainstream American ideology.



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