Why Is Suicide Plaguing White Males?

By Noah Bailey

Suicide in America is of a utmost danger to white males. The “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention” statistics displays that white males are over 3 times more likely to commit suicide than Blacks or Hispanics. It also states that men die by suicide 3.5 times more so than their female counterparts. What does this mean for white men (myself included) about our overall mental health? Are we as males more likely to have these specific negative kinds of thoughts? What is the specific part in our society that is accelerating the rate so abruptly and so quickly? What is killing men’s emotional lives? These are all questions that must be answered if we truly want a solution to the epidemic.

This is a steadily growing problem. It’s obviously abnormal for one specific group of people to be swept away in such high numbers by one specific problem. Many researchers have attempted to find explanations or reasons as to why gender is such a significant factor in suicide, but it still remains an anomaly. In the UK, in 1981 suicide in men was only 1.9 times higher than females, but in recent years that rate has jumped drastically and increased to 3.5 times higher than females. This change in the suicide rate has been a significantly recent change.

AFSP notes that white males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2015. That’s 70% of suicides being completed by a population that is roughly 30% of Americans. What’s so troubling about being a Caucasian male? We all know that correlation does not equal causation but there are two correlating factors: the recent influx of hate from the left directed towards white males and the suicide rate.  As hate is immeasurable, I’m not stating that hate is the source of the suicides but simply pointing out the correlation. Note that the media’s influence on our culture can become an actual problem if the viewers begin to believe the white lies. Being white and male has always been viewed as a privilege to most of the media. Though it’s not. We are constantly told by the news outlets that our presence and/or opinion is of lesser value than others simply because of the lack of melanin in our skin.

A tragic story of Thomas Klocke a college student at the University of Texas in Arlington is an example of the media and its effect on people’s mindsets. Thomas was falsely accused of being homophobic towards his gay classmate. Instead of going through proper Title IX procedure that concerns gender or racial discrimination, the dean of the school forbid Thomas from contacting his accuser, his classmates, or his teacher. He banned him from attending class. The dean even went as far as prohibiting his father (a lawyer) from discussing this matter with the administration. We all know if you don’t attend class you fail. Thomas had a full life ahead of him only to be washed away by a stranger’s comments and the administrations inability to give a fair judgment. Thomas Klocke committed suicide only days later.

One specific instance doesn’t prove my point, but it shows that proper institutions are being effected by the media’s false narrative. I’m not claiming this is the main reason of white males committing suicide or even half of the reason, but I do think it’s a noteworthy opinion to acknowledge when we analyze the suicide rates. News outlets need to recognize the effect they have on culture and the wholly negative view of white males they have depicted. People’s beliefs shape their actions. For this problem to desist we need constant awareness and proper action on the subject at hand.


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