About Us

The Young Tribune Network’s purpose is to bring fresh, young perspectives into a culturally driven society where diversity of thought is not as cherished as it should be. With as much conflict in the world already, why must diversity of thought inspire even more conflict? Co-founders Andrew Keith and Noah Bailey decided, after extensive thought, to create a medium that expresses beliefs and ideas formed from our, admittedly brief yet not insignificant, personal experiences. Both co-founders have a conservative bias and are forthright regarding their world view; nonetheless, this site will occasionally publish claims made by those of opposite leaning for the sake of maintaining a diversity of ideas, one of the site’s founding principles.

This begs the question: what does this site stand for? This site is grounded in the principles that:

1.) Free Speech is and always will be necessary and justified in order to preserve the values established in the Constitution


2.) Understanding modern culture is necessary in developing an acute, independent mind capable of determining and interpreting modern events without heavy outside influence.

These principles lay at the foundation of this company, and with every article that is published, we hope that we can improve upon and further develop these founding principles. We hope that every reader will join us on this endeavor of self-improvement and we hope you understand not just the modern world on a deeper level, but that you would understand yourself on a deeper level as well.